• Slide01-key-management-system

    IQ CleverKey System

    ● Key management system

    ● Keyholder with RFID-chip

    ● Key tracking solutions

    ● Modular key cabinet

  • Slide02

    IQ Notebook Storage Box

    ● Asset management system

    ● Modular storage system

    ● Ergonomic cabinet software

    ● Variable with key locker

  • Slide03

    IQ Handgun Storage

    ● Built in measure tray

    ● Variable key control modules

    ● Intelligent tracking system

    ● Ergonomic GUI software

  • Slide04

    IQ Tablet Storage System

    ● Smallest scale asset storage

    ● Smart storage cabinet system

    ● Built in USB charger port

    ● Variable key tracking

  • Slide05

    IQ Phone Storage System

    ● Smart box storage system

    ● Clever storage system solution

    ● Built in USB charger port

    ● Variable key control modules



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