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It’s a very good question and everyone shall ask him- or herself. Are the keys stored in a safe and secured place? Are they used always just by authorized person or others could have access to those keys too? What could go wrong if someone steals or loses an important key, and how can you take actions to find out who's responsible for the loss of the missing key. With the LoxTop™ key management systems you will always have up-to-date information about your keys. Due to the embedded industrial Windows PC you can easily check for history in the Log. Giving permissions to users which keys are allowed to use in which time period either in front of the terminal or through the Web-Interface.


The LoxTop RFID key management system has plenty of advantages such as the flexibility of combining key positions and boxes within one system; you get Real-time transaction through the Web-Interface, where you can easily configure the cabinets and give key permissions for users. It helps to reduce costs less lost keys leads to higher security.

What an intelligent key management system
can do for you?

Due to the intelligent key management system you will always know where your keys are and who is using them. You are able to define, limit key permissions for users. Each event is stored in the Log where you can filter for users, keys and so on. One cabinet can manage up to 400 keys but more cabinets can be connected together so the number of keys are unlimited, which can be controlled and configured from a central office. Who needs key management? Key management systems are suitable for those areas where the keys should be stored in a safe and secured place.

The LoxTop™ system is an intelligent key and storage management to better protect your important assets- resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, which in turn means lower operating costs and less administration.

The LoxTop™ intelligent cabinets have the flexibility to combine key holders and boxes within one system.

The key management system can be standard or customized if required. In case of a customized system when required intelligent storage boxes could be added for your valuables along with the key modules. The modular design of the key cabinet panels and storage boxes allows for a custom built and variable system. The key locker and intelligent storage box system logs and tracks every key movement (key pickup, key return, door opening/closing). With the key locker system you can give permissions to users, manage bookings, key pickups and choose from several other customizable options. The key storage cabinets can be integrated into companies’ ERP and access control systems.

The LoxTop use the latest microelectronic devices, equipments and developments, with the application of these high reliability and high-tech equipment key management system delivered for our costumers. We distribute the key locker systems, key management, key control, key tracking and key monitoring solutions, intelligent key storage cabinets and storage box management systems, identification and tracking systems.

The unique easy usage and setup of the electronic key cabinet make this product outstanding in the market. The key management system has a reliable hardware construction and the design is made to meet the demand from the security, police and safety market.

You can use the key control system in police departments, hospitals, in military places, or in industries among others. Regardless of the type or size of the building key control system is capable to providing safety for your values. In the boxes you can store credit card, cell phones, laptops, documents, and keys.

The usage of the intelligent key cabinet is quite simple. You just show your RFID card and/or type your PIN on the touch screen, fingerprint ID of the key cabinet; the key storage cabinet will identify you and on the screen the list of the keys that are assigning to you will appear.

Useful key management cabinet facilities

The manager who wants to know when anything related to key tracking system has appeared can use the log or the report system to select and get useful information. The system is continuously recording the key movements and usages. These events are stored in the memory of the key cabinet. So that means all the events are recorded.

The key tracking systems can handle several hundred keys. Several key cabinets can be networked with each other’s, so the numbers of keys are in fact unlimited.

We are sure that most customers will find the features’ in the key cabinets outstanding and easy to use.

Some of the many advantages of using the LoxTop™ systems

  • You always know who removed the key and when it was taken
  • You’re able to set access rights separately to each user
  • Monitor how often the system was accessed and by whom
  • Invoke alerts in case of a missing key or overdue keys
  • Secure storage for your valuables in steel cabinets or safes
  • Keys are secured to the RFID tags by cable seals
  • Access to keys with PIN code, Access card and Fingerprint

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